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Welcome to the all-new UniSilver® Jewelry website! More new jewelry items. More fun! Powered by Mariposa™Unisilver.net is now mobile-friendly. It fits just almost any screen devices you may have. That means easy shopping using your smartphones, tablets, laptops as well as desktops.

Here's a quick walk-through on how to use our web app:

1. The Login Button

Clicking on the Login button pops-up the login form. If you have registered using your Facebook account simply click on Login with Facebook to continue. Otherwise, you can login manually using your registered email address and password. To create a new account, simply click on Sign-up here.

2. The Main Account Menu

Once logged-in you can access your account by clicking the icon at the top-right corner of the app to show access links to Dashboard among others.

3. The Hamburger Menu (More Options)

Our web app is designed in block sections with corresponding "hamburger" icon menu to see more options for that section. Almost every block in our web app has this icon. Simply click on it to see more options.

4. The Dashboard

This is your Dashboard. Your dashboard has all the access links to almost all sections in your account. So, if you're lost, go to your dashboard.

5. Social Media Links

Below every page has extra links to other pages in our web app including external links to our social media portals like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We invite you to visit, like and share our social media sites and get more updates from Unisilver Jewelry.

6. Live Chat (Customer Service)

Got questions? Chat with us live. One of our available agents will be glad to assist you with your concern.

7. The MAIN Store

To start shopping simply enter The Main Store.

Simply click on the item you want to purchase. Again, every block in our web app has hamburger icon menu to see options.

You can bookmark or click on Buy Now to see full details of the item.

8. The Add to Cart Button

Below product information there's Add to Cart and Bookmark buttons. To include the item to your shopping cart simply click on Add to Cart button. A message will show that the item has been successfully added to your cart. You may want to proceed with your transaction by viewing your shopping cart for review.

9. The Shopping Cart

Inside your Shopping Cart is your transaction information in blocks, from item details to payment options, beneficiary, and order summary.

You can add or subtract quantity per item.

You may want to add more items to your cart by clicking Shop More button and simply repeat the process by adding item to your cart. Or, you can totally remove all items in your cart or cancel current transaction with Empty Cart button.

Just click on your preferred payment option and your cart is automatically updated.

You can Add and Remove your beneficiaries in the Consignee's Information block. This feature of your shopping cart saves you time if you are sending gifts to your loved ones. You can select from the list of your saved beneficiaries to use with your current transaction. You can also remove selected item from the list.

The Order Summary block displays your current transaction summary including other charges and delivery fees. Just click on Continue button to proceed.

Depending on your selected payment option you will be prompted if your transactions has been completed.

You may want to print a copy of your transaction for reference.

10. The Transaction Page

This is your Transaction page. To check the status of your order simply click My Purchases to see transaction history.

11. Bookmark

When you bookmark an item it is saved here. You can remove items from your bookmark by clicking the X icon.

12. The Main Categories

Main Categories are neatly accessible with the Hamburger icon menu too in the Main Store block.

The Sub-Categories, on the other hand, shows-up after a main category is selected.

13. The Search Bar

Looking for a specific item? Just enter the model number here, whole or part. 

So, that's it! Enjoy using our Unisilver.net Web App.


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